How it Works

Once registered with the JobMattE App, Our Customers (Users), Providers and Store Partners have access to use Our Platform to suit their needs. Each version of the app allows you to select your region, the service needed or being provided and select when the service will be performed. Our easy-to-use application uses icons to label the service. In each service section there are customizable options where Our Users can select exactly what they need. As a JobMattE Provider, the app is available 24/7 for you to login and find available work. If Our Customers desire to schedule your work for a specific date, your available hours will be shown to them on their side. Hence, avoiding scheduling conflicts, making it easier for both parties to get the task completed. JobMattE App is simple, comprehensive and flexible. Our 24/7 Customer Support may also be accessed through the app; thus ensuring no interruptions in service. Your time, your task, your success is the center of Our Business. JobMattE has been designed to help you win and increase your bottom line. 

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  • REGISTRATION AND LOGIN Register yourself on the app by providing your email address, phone number and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you are already registered on the app then login by providing your username and password.
  • BOOK SERVICES Choose a service of your choice and make payment via credit card or In App Wallet.
  • TRACK JOB PROGRESS Once the Service is booked, you can track Job Progress on the Application.
  • GIVE YOUR GENUINE REVIEWS AND FEEDBACK Give your authentic and valuable feedback to the Provider. It helps them to grow.

Register to Earn

Become a provider with JobMAttE and start a new journey earning an unbeatable amount of profit today. Sign up and start offering hassle-free services to our customers. Work when your schedule allows. Be Your Boss! 

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Register to Book a Service

Register to book Amazing Services in just a few Taps. Choose a Service and book a Provider Instantly.

Quality Is The Key

Make as much money as you need by providing a service with us.

  • Make Unlimited Money

    We never forget to take care of our providers. The providers linked with our app can provide services as much as they can. Their money is deposited to their accounts and they can collect daily.

  • Set your own schedule

    We never pressure Our Providers to work a set schedule. Enjoy the freedom of working when you want and how you want. Be Your Own Boss! As an Independent Contractor with JobMattE, enjoy the luxuries of being a Business Owner. Decide your time, set your own goals, enjoy the tax benefits, and ultimately, grow your business!

  • Safety

    By using the latest technology, we also focus on the safety of everyone who uses Our App. Our Providers undergo an extensive onboarding process which validates the credibility of both the Provider and their equipment. JobMattE App gives a real-time location of the Provider as they are in route with your service. Users are required to upload their real ID along with a photo of them holding their ID next to their face as verification that they are in fact the person who they have identified as. Also, Users are required to provide proof of their physical address. This ensures the safety of Our Providers. JobMattE is in compliance with all Local and State Safety Regulations.

Download App

<meta charset="utf-8" />Download the JobMattE App and start enjoying our amazing services today. 

  • Easy Service Booking

  • Real-time tracking

  • Multiple Payment Options

  • Cost Effective

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