Trust, Safety & Insurance


At JobMattE, Our Customers are our main priority and your safety is our sole concern. Everytime you book with us, we ensure you always have a safe experience!


Our Providers undergo an extensive onboarding process which validates the credibility of both the Provider and their equipment. JobMattE App gives a real-time location of the Provider as they are in route with your service. Users are required to upload their real ID along with a photo of them holding their ID next to their face as verification that they are in fact the person who they have identified as. Also, Users are required to provide proof of their physical address. This ensures the safety of Our Providers. JobMattE is in compliance with all Local and State Safety Regulations. 

For us, Safety matters the most. Using Our GeoFence capability, we have restricted areas from the app that are deemed unsafe. Our Providers can rest assured that they are servicing safe and reputable areas / customers. In the case that Our Providers feel endangered, they are instructed to contact us via the app and the local authorities to have the matter resolved. 

After any service provided, we ask for feedback to help us understand your overall satisfaction and where we can improve. 


We have a very stringent insurance policy to ensure that the services you receive are 100% covered. We contract providers who we have thoroughly vetted to guarantee their professionalism and ability to perform the requested service. We require Our Providers to submit references and photos of their past services to prove their capability. Both Users and Providers undergo a verification process. All information entered in JobMattE App is secured through our top-of-line cloud system. We have taken all necessary avenues to guarantee the physical safety, safety of information, and safety of your assets/materials are all certain.

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